Talca-Chile, 08 to 14 November

About JCC

The Chilean Computing Society (SCCC) was founded in 1984. Its main objective is to promote, communicate and assure the quality of scientific and technological development of computer science in Chile and Latin-America. The SCCC assures the compliance of ethical and moral values of professional work, in order to effectively improve the quality of life of the community. The JCC are a meeting point for the academia and the industry in computer science and informatics, to share experience, develop joint projects and develop these disciplines. The JCC, an activity sponsored by the SCCC, are the most important computer science event in Chile since 1993. The JCC includes several events: the International Conference of Computer Science, workshops (Databases, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Parallelism, among others), the Conference on Higher Education in Computer Science, the Chilean Computer Science Encounter and the South-American ACM Programming Championship. In addition, the JCC includes several tutorials and guest talks of mainstream researchers.